Forensic Cleaning

Specialised cleaning operations, such as forensic cleans, or clean-ups where squalor and hoarding have been identified, can test even experienced cleaners. These cleans also require a level of sensitivity and expertise to deal with biohazard requirements.  

LEARNING SPHERE has created a practical and intense course linked to an accredited outcome. The course covers:  

  • Identification of “high touch” and “infectious” surfaces and material  
  • Correct protocols for controlling infectious cleans  
  • Safe procedures to handle infectious waste  
  • Case studies and practical exercises to deal with a forensic clean, squalor or hoarding clean-ups 
  • Understanding the sensitivity & emotional demands by people directly affected  
  • Record keeping for quality assurance and compliance purposes 

Course is mapped to the Australian competency HLTINF001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures, and this is issued as a Statement of Attainment for successful candidates.