Title Full title Learning Bite Link
01 Waste disposal Safe Waste Disposal Joss-01-waste
02 Windows Safe Window Cleaning Joss-02-windows
03 Mopping Prepare for Safe Mopping Joss-03-mopping
04 Wet mopping Safe Wet Mopping Joss-04-wetmopping
05 Vacuuming Safe Use of Vacuums Joss-05-vacuuming
06 Sweeping Correct Sweeping Methods Joss-06-sweeping
07 Yard VacSafe Use of Outdoor Vacuum Equipment Joss-07-yardvac
08 Blowing Safely Completing Outdoor Blowing Joss-08-blowing
09 Pressure Wash Safe Pressure Washing Joss-09-pressurewash
10 Auto Scrub Safe Use of Auto-scrub Machine Joss-10-autoscrub
11 Swing Buffer Safe Use of the Swing Buffer Machine Joss-11-swingbuffer
12 Straight line Safe Use of the Straight Line Cleaning Machine Joss-12-straightline